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Year-Round Theatre Companies

le petit logo.png


Founded in 1916   •    Located at 616 St. Peter St

Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré, a 501(c)3 organization, is passionately dedicated to presenting the highest quality theatrical performances to entertain and educate the diverse population of the region and enhance the economic vitality of the greater New Orleans area. By offering a full season of contemporary and classic dramas, comedies, musicals, and children’s productions, as well as master classes and special events, the theatre embraces the work of the city’s professional artists both onstage and backstage, all the while nurturing and mentoring up-and-coming talent with its array of outreach programs.

Le Petit Theatre French Quarter
Le Petit Theatre New Orleans
Le Petit Theatre NOLA
No Dream deferred NOLA


Founded in 2017  •  Resident Theatre Company at Beaubourg Theatre, 614 Gravier St

No Dream Deferred is a New Orleans based, theatre production company that prioritizes cultural relevance for our community audience as well as theatrical works written by playwrights that historically have been marginalized. We recognize the systemic nature of cultural marginalization in the arts and therefore, we fight to create and to create as often as we please so that our stories are told and our dreams are never deferred. We believe that everyone deserves art and culture. No Dream Deferred strives to be an artistic home to theatre-makers of color in New Orleans, a place where our stories are authentically realized and wonderfully experienced. 

No Dream Deferred MOJO String
No Dream Deferred In the Red and Brown W
No Dream Deferred at Beaubourg
TNP Logo.jpg


Founded in 2005


The NOLA Project is an ensemble-driven theatre company that strives to challenge, entertain, and engage diverse New Orleans audiences through high-quality and innovative performances of relevant great works, the development and production of new plays, and comprehensive educational opportunities for aspiring theatre artists.

Three Musketeers by The NOLA Project
Clown Bar NOLA Project
Radical Buffoons New Orleans


Founded in 2017 


Based in New Orleans we are devoted to making work that is outsize in scope or idea, physically evocative, socially provocative, and couched in humor as a vehicle for storytelling. We are devoted to cultivating work in, for, and with residents of our City. We support the radical representation of all diverse communities that call New Orleans home in our work on stage and off. We aim to accomplish these tasks through the implementation of three distinct programming tracks: Mainstage, Lab, and For Young Audiences.

Learn more about the company from NOBO's interview with the Artistic Director, Jon Greene: 

Stories without Words Radical Buffoons
RAP UNZEL Radical Buffoons
Barbecue Radical Buffoons
Souther Rep New Orleans


Founded in 1986   •   Located at 2541 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119 


Southern Rep Theatre’s mission is to develop and produce new plays that reflect the diversity of the city it calls home, to provide our audience with professional theatre of the highest artistic quality and achievement, and to establish a creative working environment that nurtures theatre professionals. As New Orleans’ leading non-profit professional theatre, we strive to use the artistry of theater to enlighten, educate, and entertain audiences, and further extend that service through educational and outreach programs.

Southern Rep New Orleans
Southern Rep Theatre
Tennessee Williams Theatre New Orleans


Founded in 2015   •   Resident professional theatre company at Loyola

The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans is a year-round professional theatre company committed to producing captivating, exciting, and moving plays with a major focus on the works of America's greatest playwright, Tennessee Williams. In the city which Williams called home and from which he drew abundant inspiration, The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans will engage our community and cultivate its relationship with Williams. We will accomplish this by mounting performances of well-known and rarely produced Williams plays, contributing to the scholarship of Williams and New Orleans, and educating our community onstage and off with unique and stimulating programming.

Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams NOLA
Tennessee Williams Theatre Company
Vieux Carre Tennessee Williams Theatre C

Ensemble and Devised Theatre Companies

artspot logo.jpg

Founded in 1995

ArtSpot Productions is an ensemble of artists dedicated to creating meticulously LIVE theater in New Orleans.  Our productions are a sincere blend of disciplines developed through ensemble authorship, physically rigorous training, original music, interactive sculptural environments, and extended research and rehearsal.  We practice social justice and shared power in our creative and organizational processes, and we strive to incite positive change in our community with visually stunning performances and empowering educational programs.

Artspot Productions NOLA
Artspot Productions New Orleans
Sea of Common Catastrophe by Art Spot Ne
goat in the road nola logo.jpg


Founded in 2008


Goat in the Road Productions is a New Orleans based performance ensemble dedicated to the production of original and invigorating new works of theatre, dance, performance art, and educational programming. Since its 2008 inception GRP has created seventeen original plays for adult audiences and reached thousands of New Orleans students with its vibrant educational programming. Their work is meticulously researched, beautifully designed, and uses history and science to comment on current social trends.

Forge Fest Goat in the Road NOLA
The Uninvited New Orleans


Founded in 2015


Intramural Theater is a New Orleans-based theatre collective focused on physical and spatial experiments with original scripts. The Intramurals seek to use the immediacy of live performance to create a total theatre, incorporating live music, dance, sculptural and visual arts to produce an immersive experience. Intra-mural translates to “within walls” -- our central passion is finding walls of all kinds, physical and otherwise, within which whole worlds can sprout, and where intimacy and insatiable curiosity intersect.

Intramural theatre company
What Difference Does It Make


Founded in 1997


Obie-Award winning collaborative team who create performance both inside and outside traditional theater spaces.   They are known for large-scale performances that mix theater and installation — such as How to Build a Forest, an 8-hour performance in which we assemble and disassemble a simulated forest on an empty stage over 8 hours – and intimate performances designed for small audiences — such as Bird Eye Blue Print, created for a set of small vacant offices in the World Financial Center in Manhattan.  They've been commissioned and presented by PS122, The Kitchen, the Whitney Museum of Art and Longwood Botanical Gardens.  Our work has also been presented by the Walker Arts Center, HERE Arts Center, the Fusebox Festival, ArtSpot Productions and has toured to many Universities throughout the US.​

mondo logo.jpg



A collective of individuals that create, present and produce a wide array of imaginative projects aimed at utilizing art as a tool for understanding what makes us commonly human and individually unique. Their work is intentionally multidisciplinary, ranging from physical theater to large-scale community festivals; from social media to site-specific productions. Everything they do is fused with strong desire to develop brave new works of art that illuminate the beauty and travails of the human condition. They believe that every community has a unique memory of itself and trust that the affirmation of seeing one’s story accurately and artfully portrayed can open the mind and heart to listening to the stories of others.

Mondo Bizarro-catching
Cry You One New Orleans
Mondo Bizarro Flight
New Noise NOLA


Founded in 2008

NEW NOISE has been creating visually-intense, physically-demanding, original ensemble theater in New Orleans since 2008. Our performances feature live music and immersive environments, and they often take place in reinvented, non-traditional venues. NEW NOISE works to advance ensemble practice through Voicebox, a community workshop series with master artists, and through Sound Off!, an annual festival of works-in-progress by local ensembles.

Vagabond Inventions

Vagabond Inventions

Founded in 2014

Vagabond Inventions is a New Orleans-based association of physical theater artists who share a language of ensemble-devised theater. The company creates innovative, physical work exploring worlds in disequilibrium. Vagabond Inventions develops process-rich relationships with prose writers, music composers, and dance artists in addition to theater practitioners of diverse backgrounds. This ensemble-driven, collaborative practice across disciplines ignites possibilities for new languages, new approaches to process, and a constantly renewed search for the melody of fragile voices in a turbulent world.

Vagabond Inventions New Orleans
vagabond inventions
vagabond inventions NOLA

Independent Theatre Companies

Beaubourg Theatre Company

Beaubourg Theatre Co

A producing theatre company in New Orleans that has recently opened a venue at 614 Gravier St. To learn more about the venue head down to the VENUE section.

Beaubourg Theatre Company NOLA
JON Beaubourg theatre
Beaubourg theatre co Aliens

Below Sea Level Productions

Founded in 2015

Below Sea Level Productions (well known for WATERWORLD THE MUSICAL, 4 years running) is a women-led multimedia company that focuses on experimental art and social justice issues rooted in the deep South that exemplify the freedom, curiosity, and limitless creativity that is integral to New Orleans culture. We collaborate with local artists and organizations to produce theatre, experimental video, documentary films, podcasts, and youth educational activities for the enrichment and benefit of our community. 

Ghost of a Chance Musical
Waterworld the Musical
waterworld the musical
Clove Productions

Clove Productions

Founded in 2010

Founded and produced by Michael Martin, Clove Productions specializes in theater events and press-and-promotion campaigns for arts and social service organizations. Producer of popular running show VERBATIM VERBOTEN, the ever-changing revue of staged transcripts of noted people (and some ordinary folk) saying things they never meant for the public to hear as well as More Lovely and More Temperate the annual fundraiser for New Orleans InFringe Festival.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.33.40 PM
Junebug Productions NOLA

Junebug Productions

Founded in 1980

The organizational successor to the Free Southern Theater, the mission of Junebug Productions is to create and support artistic works that question and confront inequitable conditions that have historically impacted the African American community.  Through interrogation, we challenge ourselves and those aligned with the organization to make greater and deeper contributions towards a just society.

Junebug Productions
Gomela JuneBug Productions
Junebug Productions New Orleans
Last Call New Orleans LGBT Theatre


Founded in 2014

Last Call is a multiracial collective of queer artists, activists, and archivists. Drawn together by the closing of the last remaining dyke bar, Last Call creates innovative, multi-platform performances, events, and digital media that document and interpret neglected queer history, creating connections between those who lived this history and those who have much at stake if it is forgotten. 

Alleged Lesbian Activities New Orleans
Lavendar Jukebox Last Call

nolaNOW Theatre Company

Founded in 2018

At nolaNOW Theatre Company, we aim to lift New Orleans community members into the present moment through the use of contemporary stories. All of our produced plays are socially relevant and written within the past ten years. We value intimacy, mindfulness, and empathy, and hope to encourage others to explore these three words as a result of our work. Additionally, our nolaNOW podcast brings together the community by interviewing theatre industry members and artists about their experiences as working creatives.

Gruesome Playground nolaNOW theatre
Gruesome Playground nolaNOW
POOF NolaNOW theatre

Rockfire Theatre

Founded in 2015

Rockfire Theatre producers of Failure: A Love Story, Boom, Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party, and more. Creators of Cabaret Gameshow Funtime Super Wow!! and We Hear You have Goblins. Up to 6 times a theatre season catch Cabaret Gameshow Funtime Super Wow!! New Orleans' only mash up of Gameshow and musical theater cabaret where casts of productions go head to head. We Hear You have Goblins is the live action role-playing improv comedy show with a cast of three notorious local performers (It's a pen and paper RPG like D&D, but with less rulebooks and more high absurdity).

we hear you have goblins D&D theatre
Rockfire Theatre

Second Star Performance Collective

Founded in 2012

A group of artists from several different fields bonding together to create an artistic umbrella that functions as a creative home. Producer of the 5 year running annual Two for Tennessee Festival happening in conjunction with the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival.

Second Star theatre New Orleans
Second Star New Orleans

See Em On Stage 

Founded in 2013

See 'Em On Stage: A Production Company" is a theatrical assemblage combining the talents of veteran New Orleans' performers and backstage professionals into a company which focuses on bringing rarely-performed and original works to local stages. "See 'Em On Stage: A Production Company" believes in collaboration and networking with other theater companies in order to share and utilize the best resources and talent available and in order to provide audiences with a unique and satisfying theater-going experience. 

lizze the musical nola
Cabaret the musical new orleans
toxic avenger
Slotted Spoon Productions New Orleans

Slotted Spoon Productions 

Founded in 2017

A New Orleans theatre company with a triple focus on LGBT issues, sex positivity, and freedom of expression. From plays to musicals to theatrical cabarets, Slotted Spoon exists to make relevant contributions to the world of queer theatre in New Orleans. 

New Orleans Theatre
Slotted Spoon theater NOLA
Slotted Spoon LGBTQ Theatre

Storyville Collective

A theatre company with a mission to bring Off-Broadway and regional works to the Big Easy that may not be seen here otherwise.

Hand to God New Orleans
The Laramie Project New Orleans
Silence the Musical New Orleans
Voices In The Dark NOLA

Voices in the Dark

Founded in 1993

Voice in the Dark Repertory is dedicated to presenting, producing and promoting plays, films, art, dance, literature and musical interpretations that are artistic expressions of the disenfranchised.  It is their desire to give voices to those normally unheard. They are visionaries on a mission to promote understanding and goodwill between the sexes, races and ethnicities through the ARTS. Plays, films, lectures, art presentations and book signings are carefully and meticulously selected to accomplish that goal. 


 We believe that where there is insight, there is understanding.  Where there is understanding there is acceptance.  Thus, our vision is to strengthen the “ties that bind” all peoples of the world through the ARTS. 

Raisin in the Sun New Orleans
New Orleans Voices in the Dark Theatre
Trans Scripts 2

Clown and Aerial Arts Companies


Kite & Cadaver

Founded in 2019

Kite & Cadaver produces physical theatre performances in New Orleans


Prescription Joy

Founded in 2018

Prescription Joy is a healthcare clowning nonprofit promoting healing through human connection, whimsy, education, and play in hospitals and beyond.

In addition to healthcare clowning, workshops, and community health talks, Prescription Joy writes and produces theatrical productions that travel to hospitals and shelters for children. The productions are written under the guidance of Child Life Departments of the hospitals they partner with, and always provide a lesson and message for the patients being served. The plays showcase local artists at their best, playing for kids, staff, and families in hospitals and shelters.

New Orleans Clown Theatre
Medical Clowning New Orleans
Prescription Joy NOLA

Sad Tire Production Company

Founded in 2018

Sad Tire Productions is a femme run production company based in New Orleans, LA. Sad Tire produces stage productions, shorts, and full length film. They annually produce parody clown themed theatre productions of their favorite cult 90s films. 

Bun Bun Sad Tire Productions
Clownless Sad Tire Clown Theatre
Clown Parody New Orleans

Summer Theatre Companies


Aqua Mob

Founded in 2017

New Orleans’s first and only community-based water ballet ensemble performing a new production every summer at the Drifter Hotel. Aqua Mob spreads the joy of funny, yet powerful aquatic theatre accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Aqua Mob Water Ballet
Aqua Mob New Orleans
NOLA Shakespeare Festival

New Orleans Shakespeare Festival

Founded in 1993

The mission of the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane is to produce professional, classical theatre with a primary focus upon the works of William Shakespeare. Our commitment is to utilize local, national, and international talent to create dynamic, visceral, text-based performances celebrating Shakespeare’s brilliant insight into the human condition. With this programming we will provide to the people of the Gulf South both entertainment and educational resources of the highest quality, honoring Shakespeare’s legacy.

New Orleans Shakespeare
Shakespeare at Tulane
Shakespeare Festival NOLA
Summer Lyric Theatre NOLA

Summer Lyric Theatre

Founded in 1968

Summer Lyric's mission is to preserve one of America's greatest art forms by producing the highest quality musical theatre. Our theatre exists to support and expand musicians, actors, singers, dancers, technical artists and most important, students of promise, as well as those whom are already established by bringing together both the university's resources and the community

Matilda New Orleans Summer Lyric Theatre
She Loves Me Summer Lyric
New Orleans Musical Theatre

Dance Companies

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