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Artists Have Spoken

As companies slowly start to produce work again we want to be intentional moving forward

During the pandemic and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, the inequity in our institutions and lack of support for artists and art workers has become evident. Our artists are hurting, our community is begging for support and solidarity, and we, as a company that serves that community, will not stay silent.

We firmly stand with the artists of DismantleNOMA and DismantleWWII. We will not promote any work, performance, or event at the New Orleans Museum of Art, BB's Stage Door Canteen, and the WWII museum until the artists' demands are met. We ask all theatre and dance companies to do the same. We will be reaching out to every company who works with these institutions to ask them to stand in solidarity with the artists of New Orleans.

Stand up, New Orleans Theatre and Dance! Choose people over profits!

If you are an artist, activist, ally, or friend who stands in solidarity with New Orleans Artists, sign the open letter demanding immediate change.


150 Artists Speak Up about Racism at NOMA

150 artists bravely published an open letter to the New Orleans Museum of Art about the abusive and racist culture at the museum. Now, nearly 4 months later, artists and the public have barely received a response. We will not stay silent while our community is suffering from oppressive institutions. We believe our community, our artists, and our audiences deserve better. We have hope that NOMA can make that positive change! We ask NOMA to support its artists to meet these demands and help heal this community. NOMA is a place where we have such fond memories, a place we have seen powerful and amazing work. We will not let our emotional ties to that place blind us from seeing the harm that has been done to New Orleans artists. We stand with the artists, and we believe that this important institution will do what is right: admit to abuses in the past, give back to the individuals it has hurt, and make changes to become an institution our city can be proud of. Many institutions worry that if they make radical changes they will lose subscribers or donors, but we ask institutions to have faith in this community. The community will rise up and support an institution if they own their past mistakes, make a public stand to dismantle institutional racism, and support their own artists. We said it earlier, we'll say it again, and we hope you'll join us- PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT. Learn more about Dismantle NOMA: Sign the petition and stand with the artists:


WWII Museum Performers, Employees,

and Patrons Demand a BLM Statement

On August 10th, 2020 performers from the WWII Museum came forward to ask why the museum had yet to publish a statement standing with Black Lives Matter. Since posting, the performers have collected nearly 200 testimonials from The National WWII Museum’s current employees, former employees, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders about abuses committed by the museum, and calls for a statement to make change in the institution. Until the demands of the performers are met by the WWII Museum, we will no longer promote any performances or events at BB's Stage Door Canteen. We stand by the performers, employees, and volunteers of the WWII Museum and we ask that you do too. From their statement:

The Museum is attacking its own history lessons by remaining silent in the midst of social revolution. At the heart of this movement is the idea that people’s experiences and voices matter. Our community’s testimonials reveal the contradictions and sustainment of exclusionary practices our nation’s citizens have already fought for - and received judicial protections against - through your continued employee mistreatment, the refusals of responsibility and acknowledgement, and the professional advancements of unqualified administrators in the museum. Yet, here we are still fighting for those freedoms referenced in FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech, the same speech you promote in your exhibits, but ignore in policy. We demand the National World War II Museum honor the words and actions of FDR to remove barriers so we can enjoy our freedoms, obtain success, and move towards creating a democracy for all as a rejection of old-world, patriarchal systems."

Learn more about Dismantle WWII Museum: Share your own testimonial:

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