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December Top Picks for Theatre and Dance

So much theatre to choose from this December!! Here are our top picks for the month (with some special deals and discounts!)

A Tennessee Williams Holiday Comedy PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT

Tennessee Williams Theatre Company has done it again: found ANOTHER Tennessee Williams holiday show. This holiday comedy proves that Williams had the same kind of feelings about Christmas get-togethers as the rest of us: complicated.

A pair of newlyweds stuck in a hellish honeymoon shows up unexpectedly at the home of a set of “old marrieds” only to learn that the hosts themselves aren’t having any luck in love, either! Trapped in a house on a cold night, will the two hapless couples be able to stitch things up?

December 6- 21 Lower Depths Theater, Loyola University $15-$28



Beaubourg Theatre Co Presents JOHN BY ANNIE BAKER

The week after Thanksgiving. A Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A cheerful innkeeper. A young couple struggling to stay together. Thousands of inanimate objects, watching.

A simple enough description, but Annie Baker’s fascinating play takes a look at what theatre can be and builds a world all its own. Baker's hyper-realism bleeds into the eerily super-natural in this quiet tale, where actors and audiences alike delve into ideas of self, mortality, and the solitude of human experience.

The first production of Beaubourg Theatre Co since they opened their new blackbox Theatre at 614 Gravier St. 

December 7th-30th, 7:30pm Beaubourg Theatre, 614 Gravier St $20-$35


Win Two Tickets to the Latest From Ellevate Dance Company

ELLEvate Dance Presents: Dreaming of Dreaming to Dream, an immersive journey of lucid dreaming through dance. This mesmerizing production will be performed at the Fortress of Lushington later this month.  You could win two tickets by heading to our Facebook or Instagram page.

Audiences will feel apart of the production with an immersive set built by architect Hannah Bahney, and a craft cocktail bar with “dream themed” cocktails.

December 13, 14, 16 At the Fortress of Lushington $20


Our Family Pick!  RAP UNZEL Presented by The Radical Buffoons

Reginald “RAP” Unzel III, a young man with big hair and even bigger dreams of musical stardom. Recently relocated to New Orleans after the loss of his father, RAP is hidden away by his mother who worries his big personality will get him hurt, or worse. Told through hip-hop, music, and dance, this 60-minute celebration of identity, empowerment, and awareness will provide an amazing experience for all audiences!

This exciting new show will only be performing at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30pm showtimes to make it easier for everyone during this busy holiday season (and it's perfect for people with early bedtimes)! 

December 14-27 Daytime Performances ONLY At Southern Rep $10-$20


Just Dang Fun!

Intramural Theater is BACK with the 3rd Annual 25-Hour Play Festival!

5 teams will write, produce, stage, and perform new plays in 25 hours!!

Here's how it will work:

On the night of Saturday, December 28th, we'll convene at the Fortress of Lushington so we can split into groups and receive our prompts for our plays -- this will include a line, a prop and one other element that must be included in your play. Exactly 25 hours later, after the play has been written and rehearsed, we'll have two public performances of the brand-spankin'-new plays at the Fortress on December 29th.

December 29th 8:30pm & 10:30pm

The Fortress of Lushington


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