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Discussion and Donuts

The Laramie Project at Delgado Community College Theater

On Sept 23rd join New Orleans Box Office and artists from the NOLA theatre community in a pre-show discussion about developing plays based on real people and events. How can dramatization of real dialogue, historical places, and actual relationships and trauma pay respect and homage to incredible stories? Why do we do it? Why is it important? What is the process?

Discussion and Donuts: A Pre-Show Discussion with NOBO

Sept 23rd at 2pm, FREE and open to the public


The Storyville Collective and Delgado Community College Theatre mark the 20th anniversary of Matthew Sheppard’s death with a touching production of The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project. On Sept 20th they open the documentary-style play that gives voice to members of the Laramie community, more than 60 citizens played by 12 actors on the beautiful Delgado stage, directed by Michael McKelvey.

The Laramie Project runs Sept 20- Oct 7

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