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February 11-16 Theatre and Dance in NOLA

New Orleans Theatre and Dance February 12- February 16

The Improbable Walk brought to you by Lisa Pasold, the writer and performer of The Nix performed at the Infringe Fest 2019. Improbable Walk is a series of guided Sunday walks in New Orleans, each exploring a different way we experience the world, at a human pace. The first walks will be inspired by one of the five senses--smell, taste, touch, hearing, or sight--and will take place in City Park. Feb 2- 16 at 10am FREE EVENT The Uninvited EXTENDED presented by Goat in the Road. An immersive historical drama set in 1874 and follows nine characters who live in, or orbit around, the Gallier House (1132 Royal St.). Running through March 21st at the Gallier House in the French Quarter. $35 The Vagina Monologues This award-winning play, directed by Kesha McKey, is based on V-Day Founder/playwright Eve Ensler's interviews with more than 200 women. With humor and grace the show celebrates women’s sexuality and strength. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit nonprofits. Feb 15-16 at Ashe Powerhouse Theatre $10-$20 Reflections: A Work in Progress Set to the live music of local synth band Doll Muscle , on this Valentine’s Day we present you a story about doing the work of loving yourself. Reflections: a work in progress, presents a character’s relationship to their own image as they learn to look past insecurities and fears to see the beauty they hold inside. Feb 14 at the Marigny Opera House. $10-$15 ONE NIGHT ONLY