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NOBO's Pick of the InFringe

InFringe Theatre and Performing Arts Festival is Coming back to NOLA Nov 7-10!! There are over 30 productions performing at 11 venues across the city. Below are some of the shows we are most excited about.

To learn about the entire festival go to: https://infringefest.com/

To meet the artists and hear about the shows in person come to the InFringe Happy Hour on Nov 6th. More info at: https://www.theneworleansboxoffice.com/post/nola-infringe-fest-happy-hour

TO SEE INFRINGE FOR FREE VOLUNTEER! To volunteer for the fest email joninfringe@gmail.com 


An Original Devised Play Composed by Intramural Theater

Faced with the arrival of a strange, foreign life form and its unprecedented spread, a misfit group of neighbors must decide what to do about their mutating landscape. This original devised piece touches on themes of nativeness and nature, using puppetry, acrobatics and sculpture to frame an immersive performance.

PROTRUSION Featuring Frenchie Faith, Lydia Stein, Rebecca Greaves and Tyler McGuckin Directed by Bennett Kirschner

More info: https://infringefest.com/shows/protrusion-byov/


What happens when a Black Woman welcomes people of different races to ask her any question they want on the streets of Los Angeles? In this solo show, Shanara “The MouthPeace” Sanders takes one helluva ride responding via reenactments and her mastery of spoken word to illustrate the raw taboo aspects of her life.


More info: https://infringefest.com/shows/ask-a-black-woman/

WEAR & TEAR THE BACK PACK Comes to New Orleans

"Fringe is made for shows like Wear and Tear. Somewhere between a live-action cartoon and madcap dance routine." -thINKingdance

A movement-based comedy extravaganza combining non-spoken performance, music, dance, and media. The group’s imaginative style has been described as: a live action cartoon, unmatched in its cleverness, and pure entertainment that will leave you with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

More info: https://infringefest.com/shows/wear-tear/

THE NIX: An Outdoor Site-Specific Story-Telling Walk

Created for the streets of the Marigny by Lisa Pasold. What if one night you meet a spirit with impeccable manners wearing an old-fashioned tuxedo, who asks for one teeny little favor…

At INFringe, you’ll be invited into a unique story created for the streets in the Marigny. My walks are creative explorations, fictional inventions inspired by factual history, lit by the sky, soundscaped by the city.

“Pasold successfully casts a spell over her audience.” New Orleans Defender

More info: https://infringefest.com/shows/the-nix-walking-tour/

R+B: A Night of Synsuality By New Olreans' Own SYNAMIN VIXEN

R+B is a night that celebrates the diversity of sensuality by highlighting music of the African Diaspora and burlesque. R+B encompasses four main themes: Royal + Burlesque, Rhythm + Burlesque, Reggae + Burlesque, and Ratchet + Burlesque. Each night will be different, and will feature burlesque and some surprise performances from Synamin Vixen and friends!

Produced by Synamin Vixen and co-hosted by John Lacarbiere III Starring: Jeez Loueez and Anjle Latiha C Featuring: Laveau Contraire, Juno Juno, Mykia Jovan, Diana Dietrich, Saint Mercedes, Mahalia Abéo Tibbs, and Eros Sea!

More info at: https://infringefest.com/shows/rb-a-night-of-synsuality/


"Inventive, brimming with compassion, and monstrously funny.” - Play On Milwaukee 

Somewhere in a forest nearby, a guerrilla commander can tell you aren’t up for this.  Meanwhile, the Giant Ibis was thought to be extinct, but video reveals otherwise. Don’t ask about the taxidermy starlings. It’s a touchy subject.  

It’s a funny play if you like being told that your best isn’t good enough. It’s a sad play if you were hoping for something more optimistic. It's an educational play if you want to learn how to make explosives.

More info at: https://infringefest.com/shows/all-100-fires/

OUT OF SYNC Theatre meets Drag meets Drama

An unexpected tip from a Sexy Stranger leaves a group of resident New Orleans Drag Queens with voices no longer their own. Lip synching takes on a whole new dimension as each Queen explores what it means to lose their voice and have to re-invent their lives. 

Featuring: Eddie Lockwood, Claude Whitscell, Reid Williams, Jessica Champagne, Marcus Gandy, and CC Falcon

More info at: https://infringefest.com/shows/out-of-sync/


Artivism Dance Theatre, New Orleans

In a world where our whole lives are made public, what do we not talk about and why? This production delves into taboo and shamed subjects in our society and brings them to light. We speak from a personal standpoint; telling our own stories to start a much larger conversation.

More info at: https://infringefest.com/shows/our-unmentionables