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NOspace Events will be event designing for the NOBO Launch

We have been having some exciting meetings lately! Last week we met with Jen Davis, the artistic director of NOspace. NOspace is an immersive event design company founded in the desire to experience something remarkable. “We dream, curate, and materialize singular events designed specifically for the people we host.” The three of us sat down in Wayward Owl sipping delicious NOLA made beer, geeking out over our love for the theatre community in New Orleans.

“How do you want your guests to feel at your party?” Jen asked us.

After a moment it came to us.. “Celebrated. Celebrated and included.”

What we realized is that this party is as much for the theatre community as it is for us. We cannot wait to celebrate with you!

NOspace will make this event one to remember. Don’t forget to get your tickets!!

Learn More about NOspace at ——> http://nospaceevents.com/