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Radical Buffoonery

An interview between Amelia Parenteau and Jon Greene, founder and Artistic director of the Radical Buffoons.

Amelia Parenteau: Why did you found The Radical Buffoons?

Jon Greene: When I moved here and started directing here, I was approached by a company in town, Rockfire Theatre Company, which is Matt Reed, Kevin Murphy, and Mint Bryan, and they had always really wanted to do a production of Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. I love that play, but as we started to talk about the realities of what that play requires, I thought, “Okay, I’ve raised money for other projects before. Here’s what I’ll do. Why don’t I start an LLC theater company and I’ll match your put in. I’ll raise the money from my own sources to match your budget, so that we can double the budget and support the production." It was a means to an end, as opposed to a long-term plan for my life.

We did that play and I loved running the company. We did another play and I loved the idea of building something larger than just a career for me to direct plays: I liked building community and I loved producing. So what was a means to an end ended up blossoming into what it is now.

The name of the company comes from Lisa D’Amour who had come to see one of the pantos I’d written and directed at Le Petit, who was like, “Thanks for bringing all that radical buffoonery to Le Petit stage.

The universe laid a lot of pieces out and just patiently waited for me to accept the offers.

Amelia Parenteau: So you’ve just completed your first or second season?

Jon Greene: Second season. The first season wasn’t technical