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Saturday at InFringe Fest

Yesterday was the third day of InFringe Theatre Festival 2019 with shows starting at 1pm and ending at 1am, it was a full day of theatre!

As you know, NOBO has recruited some local writers to hit the street and see as many shows as possible, during the festival. Each show we see will get a short review so our audiences know what they should expect and what they shouldn't miss this year at the InFringe.

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Our Unmentionables (Artivism Dance Theatre, New Orleans)

Dance/ Performance Art

Through a combination of movement pieces and brief scenes, Our Unmentionables, explores the impact of creating taboo topics in a society that strives for a sense of equality as opposed to equity.

Supported by music across genres, Peggy Orienstein’s 2016 TEDWomen talk, a news clip featuring PEPSICO’s former CEO Indra Nooyi, and a few company produced voice-overs, the company of five performers, through movement, initiate a discussion around topics that go undiscussed, unnamed, and unsolved. At Ashe’s Cultural Center this latest production from Artivism’s Dance Theater will lead you to examine and question the part you play in remaining silent or speaking out against unexamined themes connected to gender, sex, and reproductive justice.


$10 Performing at Ashe Cultural Arts Center


The Nix (Lisa Pasold, New Orleans)

Walking Storytelling

In The Nix, Lisa Pasold spins a ghost story that takes place in the year 1889, following Agnes Rousseau Martin, a lady photographer, and her interaction with the titular “Nix,” a deceased soldier from New France with a seductive talent for the fiddle, who rises from his watery grave once a year on the anniversary of his death.

Adapting a Québecois ghost story from days of yore, Lisa takes the audience on a walking tour along Elysian Fields, transporting us with the specificity of her physicality and well-researched incisive historical detail. With an almost-full moon lighting our walk, and a chill in the evening air, it was easy to get swept up in the ghostly romance, and train fresh eyes on our old city, where suddenly electric street lights looked like gas lamps and the tides of cars and buses along the busy street sounded like mule-drawn street cars. This marvelous performance is a sheer delight. I could have happily followed Lisa all night long, listening to her masterful tale.

--Amelia Parenteau


$10, Meets Outside the Allways Lounge and Cabaret


Wear and Tear (The Backpack, Austin TX)

Comedy, Family

Pure imaginative joy!! The Backpack’s WEAR AND TEAR was one hour of upbeat creative whimsy. This incredibly talented group has created a show so ingeniously simple yet filled with endless possibilities, it leaves the audience in awe and glee as we wonder “what they will come up with next?” Each performer wears a sketchbook as a backpack and as they tear away the pages, they have to embody whatever is drawn on their sketchbook, whether that puts them on roller skates, turns them into chess pieces, or makes them explode.

Prepare yourself for laughter, wonder, suspense, excitement, dance breaks, puns, GOT spoilers, super spy squirrels, shadow puppets, and an endorphin rush! This fast-paced show was just a pleasure to watch, offering you a break for silliness and fun. Perfect for the whole family (or just for you!). A must-see at this year's inFringe.

--Megan Kosmoski


$10, Performing at Ashé Cultural Arts Center


Strangela For President (Rochelle McConico, New Orleans)


Stangela for President is a satirical take on the 2020 US presidential elections, promoting an outrageous candidate (Stangela Angela Hemsworth Kingsley Winthrop Farrouk Adams III) whose tactics are so absurd they just might work. In fact, it’s up to the audience to determine the outcome of the election and thereby, the show, through live votes submitted via smart phone polling.

Stangela knows no shame, posting nude selfies on a bearskin rug and dreaming up a “spread eagle over a bald eagle” photo shoot, while her advisors desperately try to impose morals and order on her unwieldy and unconventional campaign. With fabulous costumes (a purple cape! multiple pairs of glitter sneakers!) and a hilariously gravelly voice, Stangela is silly but sincere, narcissistically delusional and adorably homespun. Incorporating improv and fresh takes on familiar tropes, Stangela is an uncomfortable reminder of the absurdity of our current political reality.

--Amelia Parenteau


$10 performing at Ashe Cultural Arts Center


Protrusion (Intramural Theater Company, New Orleans)

Scifi Drama

In a world that may not be too far from our impending future as a society, Protrusion follows the quest of two pairs as they search for the remaining sacred fruits of the world.

If the snake-jerky isn’t enough to make your mouth water, the opportunity to barter for a slice of one of earth’s last delectable delights (bring a dollar!) makes this inventive production compelling and thought-provoking at every turn. The sounds, routines, and habits of this unfamiliar world unfold to reveal the familiar relationship we have as humans with adventure and the act of conquering. The show's protagonist, Evan, is faced with a decision that changes the course of their self-proclaimed history-altering-mission.

The work, devised by the company over four-weeks, leaves you wondering what measures are we willing to take as individuals to protect and advocate for an unforgiving Earth?


$10 at the Backyard Ballroom