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Service Industry Night at the NOLA Project

This January, join us for service industry nights at NOLA Project's STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. Not only will tickets and drinks be discounted for service industry and hospitality workers but we will be having a giveaway at each of these service industry performances. Anyone in the Thursday night audience could win gift certificates to New Orleans restaurants and bars or bottles of alcohol!

The hysterical new musical that takes place in an "all-American" restaurant and is composed by Skyler Stroup and Jack Craft from New Orleans' band, Sweet Crude! We are really excited to treat the hospitality and service industry workers of New Orleans to a special evening. Below are the details.


Presented by the NOLA Project

$18 Tickets (valued at $30) for all Food Service and Hospitality Workers

Thursday, Jan 17, 8pm Thursday, Jan 24, 8pm Thursday, Jan 31, 8pm

DRINK SPECIALS!! Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway Every Night!

A new musical comedy composed by Sweet Crude’s Skyler Stroup and Jack Craft, set at the fictional Jimmy’s All-American Beefsteak Restaurant, where employees and patrons suddenly find themselves in the midst of a hostage crisis...and a love story. The classic tale of chain restaurant service workers suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

At the Little Gem Saloon 445 South Rampart, NOLA

For service industry discount use promo code: SERVICE504 Get your tickets now: www.NOLAproject.com