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THE ALIENS take over a Praline Shop!

“At times, THE ALIENS resembles a Beckett play recast as a mumblecore movie” NYT review 2010. Jasper and KJ, meet to discuss music and poetry in an alley behind a coffee shop when Evan, a high school student who works at the coffee shop arrives, the men decide to teach him everything they know. See up close how they transform a praline shop into a theatre!$12

Pralines By Jean (next door to Avenue Pub)

July 26 -*July 30, 8PM

August 1 - Aug 5th, 8PM

*Tickets are $5 on Monday, July 30th at 8PM. Only available at the door on a first come, first serve basis.

A new musical performance each performance starting at 7:30PM. Please arrive early. Seating is extremely limited and advance booking is encouraged.


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