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Theatre and Dance Feb 25 - March 1

Post-Mardi Gras season, New Orleans theatre and dance has three original plays that start up this week!

Black People Problems The Play a dishonorably discharged military veteran and victim of racism returns home to a family bible study instead of a welcome home bash. A new play about the problems that black people continue to face today. Feb 29- March 21 at the New Orleans Jazz Market. $25 Magnum Opus Lawrence Portendorfer, a serious man who has lost his child, Amelia, and is offering her last wishes to the public in a joint children’s party/funeral/art lecture. Lawrence brings his skills as an art critic and appraiser to Amelia’s sprawling lifelong creation, which includes handmade miniatures $15-$20.

The Uninvited presented by Goat in the Road. An immersive historical drama set in 1874 and follows nine characters who live in, or orbit around, the Gallier House (1132 Royal St.). Feb 27- March 21 at the Gallier House in the French Quarter. $40 For the full New Orleans theatre and dance monthly calendar visit our website: www.theneworleansboxoffice.com.