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Theatre and Dance in NOLA June 2019

The heat is rising, schools are out, and New Orleans summer is here! That means: auditions for next season, summer musicals, Shakespeare, and fun (air conditioned) events.

Featured are few things we are excited about scroll to the bottom to see June's full calendar!


Presented by Vagabond Inventions

Over the past year Vagabond Inventions has popped up for a couple of days at a time to perform their original production "A KINGDOM, A CHASM," a physical theater show that weaves together the apocalypse, mad tea parties, calls to revolution, and a vintage Mercedes Benz. they are taking their Mercedes Benz across the country and touring the show all summer. To raise funds and build buzz for their tour Vagabond Inventions are hosting a wild evening of performances, shenanigans, and of course car washing ballets!

On Sunday June 16th, bring your car, get your car washed and see an interpretive ballet by the performers of A KINGDOM, A CHASM! 4-6pm car washes and ballets; 6-8pm performances, live music, and more. The ticket price for the event is $15 ($25 for a car wash with entry included).



Summer means lots of auditions for the next season productions! On June 16th the second city-wide open audition for actors, singers, and actor-musicians will be held ​in the Recital Hall of the Dixon Annex at Tulane University. All locals interested in performing in New Orleans theatre are encouraged to apply!

The auditions will be attended by local theatre companies and independent producers seeking new talent for their upcoming seasons. ​Other companies are holding season specific auditions.




Presented by Summer Lyric

“Come and meet those dancing feet” We are softies for a musical and are so excited for Summer Lyrics (SLT) 2019 Summer Season! SLT high-kicks off the season with the well loved musical 42ND STREET! Inspired by the great movie musicals of the 1930’s, 42nd Street tells of the story of famed director Julian Marsh mounting a musical extravaganza during the height of the Great Depression. When he loses his leading lady before opening, Marsh looks to a chorus girl to save the day!

Great for the whole family! AND we have discounted tickets for you! Get 15% off your tickets with PROMO CODE: SLTNOBO




A Day Late and A Dollar Short June 8-9 at The New Quorum. An immersive and deconstructed musical set in a Storyville brothel. $40 (includes dinner and show)

Much Ado About Nothing June 7-23 presented by New Orleans Shakespeare Festival. Shakespearean comedy about courtship and scandal between Hero and her suitor, Claudio, and Benedick and Hero’s cousin Beatrice. $20-$30

Auditions for NATIVE GARDENS June 10 at Southern Rep. Auditions are by appointment only visit their website for full character breakdown.

Gulf Coast Playwright Meeting June 11 at Art Klub. Gulf Coast Playwrights monthly meeting to read and give feedback on original work. All playwrights in the region are welcome to join. FREE

Debauchery June 12 at Southern Rep. New Orleans’ only live, ongoing soap opera. $10

The Reluctant Dragon June 14-22 at Tulane University. An original musical about a dragon who would rather sing songs than be a murderous monster. Family show. $5-$10

Darling: Don't Be Offended June 14-16 at the Peter and Paul Hotel. Jonathan Freilich's new operetta based on salacious letters James Joyce wrote to Nora, his lover. $8

A Flighty Piece of Nothing June 15 at Art Klub. A dance performance conceived by W.P. Victory and Reese Johanson. $12-$18

Knuffle Bunny June 12-July 21at Southern Rep. A Musical based on Mo WIlliams children's book Knuffle Bunny. A Family Show $10-$15

A Kingdom, A Car Wash June 16 at the Twilight Lounge behind the Allways Lounge. A wild night of car washes, ballets, and absurdist theatre. $15-$25

City Wide Auditions 2 June 16 at Tulane University. City Wide auditions for actors and performers attended by a wide range of theaters and independent Producers

Le Code Noir June 19 at the McKenna Museums, Le Musée de f.p.c. An outdoor historical drama written by Tommye Myrick and Mark R. Sumner. FREE

The Other Black History June 19-22 at Ashé Power House Theater. Playwright Dr. Flint D. Mitchell brings to the stage a riveting take on the forgotten aspects of Black History. $15

42nd Street June 20-22 at Tulane's Dixon Hall. The classic musical kicks off Summer Lyrics 2019 Summer season. Family Show $28-$48

NOLA Project Auditions June 22 at Lusher Charter School. Open auditions for The NOLA Project 2019-2020 season.

TWTC Fundraiser June 22-23 at NOLA Craft Culture. Join Tennessee Williams Theatre Company at their second annual Blue Roses Gala. $100

Henry V: A One-Man Show June 25-26 at Tulane University. Shakespeare's famous play scaled down as performed as a one-person show. $20-$35

Full calendar for the month and beyond can be found at

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