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Valentine's Week in NOLA Theatre & Dance

Spotlight New Orleans The monthly late-night talk show featuring the talent and culture of New Orleans. We're trying to make the world a better place one laugh at a time! Feb 13th. 8PM. at Cafe Istanbul. $10

Debauchery Now in its eighth season, New Orleans’ only live, ongoing soap opera is more hilariously histrionic than ever!  Join in on the family drama as sisters Chanel and Cartier flounce and fight their way through a maze of outrageous exploits. Every month, a new episode. Feb 13th, 7:30 PM @ Southern Rep Theater. $10 

LOOPED by Matthew Lombardo. Based on a real event, "Looped" takes place in the summer of 1965, when an inebriated Tallulah Bankhead needed eight hours to redub - or loop - one line of dialogue for her last movie, Die! Die! My Darling!! Running every Thursday Dec 6-Jan 31 at Mags 940. $15

*PROMO CODE: 4valentines

TAINTED LOVE presented by NOBT New Orleans Ballet Theatre presents a world premiere from Jerry Opdenaker and a NOBT premiere of Maurice Causey's "SHOTGUN" at Le Petit Theatre. Feb 14th and 15th. $35

*PROMO CODE: love20

TERRITORY OF MAN presented by Art Klub. Four dancers, four musicians. The piece is inspired by the desire to unpack reactions to the male presence, the personal legacy of existing in patriarchy, and the coping strategies we invent to feel safe or to protect ourselves from toxic masculinity. Feb 14 & 15 $12-$18

BE / WITH at Art Klub a performance series that invites artists with a practice of improvisation to come together for an impromptu dialogue.  The audience will choose pairings of musicians with dancers and something will unfold. Feb 14th. $10

The Vagina Monologues at Ashe Power House Theatre A V-Day 2019 Campaign Event to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls. With humor and grace, the piece celebrates women's sexuality and strength. Feb 15 and 16. $10-$20

African American Women Affecting the Arts in New Orleans Four African American women will discuss what they think about the state of contemporary art(s) in New Orleans. This discussion will include consideration of the state of visual arts, music, literature, and the performing arts in this region. FREE

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