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HD Online Player (Barfi! 720p Hindi Movie Torrent Down) 2022 [New]




How about, a sexy and hilarious young man, fresh from his country of origin, who wants to take in the world, and himself, on a wild adventure through the real Mumbai, to experience the highs and lows of life in the city, including all the carnal pleasures that it has to offer. En route, he meets one of the most adorable girls he's ever seen! If I told you his name, you would be offended, because I'll spell it out loud here – Barfii! And, can you imagine the drama that unfolds? It sounds pretty romantic, but it's anything but romantic for Indian bride-to-be, Swati, a headstrong, honest, independent woman. But all that changes after she meets Barfii, an irresistibly adorable young man who tries his luck in Mumbai, his home country, with the aim to conquer the world. But this unconventional, romantic journey that will take them on, is laden with family complications, personal struggles, heartbreaks and unexpected twists and turns – making it a bumpy ride! As Barfii and Swati get to know each other better, and as Barfii tries to impress Swati's family, Swati finds her true, well – 'chitti' – herself. Can he make her change her mind? Will she give him her heart? Barfii says, “I love spicy food, I love travelling, I love to watch movies, and I love sweets!” Swati is taken back to the times of her childhood, when in order to cope with her madam’s craziness, she would feed sweets to a dog. I thought, as a kid that it was a cliché – but now, as I write this, I feel something new and different. I, Barfii, was a dog, that used to be fed sweets by my sister. If I thought I'm a stray, then I was wrong. As I grew up, I learnt to appreciate the finer things in life, and I started to feel that this world was wide enough for me. Why settle down in a city like Mumbai, when one can have so much fun in such a cosmopolitan place as New York? I don't want to waste my life in a job. As a kid, I used to think that this life was nothing but chores and restrictions. I want to create my own fun, my own life. I have had enough of petty fights



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HD Online Player (Barfi! 720p Hindi Movie Torrent Down) 2022 [New]

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