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NOBO is committed to spreading the awareness and accessibility of theatre, created and produced by local artists, to the greater New Orleans area. We strive to be inclusive to all companies, producing entities, and individual artists. We cannot do this without amazing support from friends, family, and our community.


Thank you ALL the sponsors who make KosmoSmash and New Orleans Box Office possible.


Become a one time sponsor at 

Become an on-going patron at

VIP Sponsors, On-Going Patrons or $100+

  • Beaubourg Theatre

  • Lara Elliot

  • Bridget Erin

  • The Gentry Family

  • Anne Kosmoski-Seifried

  • Nathan Norris

  • Craig Sniffen

  • Dana Young

  • James Wicker


Red Carpet Sponsors $50+

  • Gail Beach

  • Darling & Company Events and Promotions

  • Jon Greene

  • Samantha Hite

  • Mary Anne Kosmoski

  • Joy Magyawe 


In the Spotlight Sponsors $5+

  • Ashton Akridge

  • AJ Allegra

  • James Bartelle

  • Daniella Caggiano

  • Helen Jacksh

  • Matt Jackson

  • Marie Lovejoy

  • Draga Malesevic 

  • Dara Malina

  • Megan McNeill

  • Rudy San Miguel

  • Laura Mikulski

  • Andrea Mullen

  • Yea Bin Diana Oh

  • Emily Russel

  • Edward Simon

  • Erica Tennyson

  • Paul Werner

  • Dana Young


Community and Business Partners

  • Fortress of Lushington

  • Penguin Books

  • Twelve Mile Limit

  • Pearl Wine Company

  • Tubby and Coo’s Book Shop


NOBO Annual Party Sponsors

  • Beaubourg Theatre

  • Seven Three Distilling Co.

  • Shake Sugary

  • Red's Chinese

  • Kebab

  • Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop

  • Hey! Cafe

  • Lilliput - little things

  • Dana Young Jewelry

  • Penguin Publishing

  • Swan River Yoga: MidCity & Uptown

  • The Domino

  • Community Records

  • Dancing Grounds

  • The Radical Buffoons

  • No Dream Deferred

  • The NOLA Project

  • The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans

  • Southern Rep Theatre

  • Le Petit Théâtre Du Vieux Carré

  • The Storyville Collective

  • See 'Em On Stage: A Production Company, LLC

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