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AshleyRose Bailey and Torey Hayward

AshleyRose Bailey


AshleyRose Bailey is a performer, producer, and administrator. She is a proud New Orleans native and co-founder of New Orleans Box Office. She is the Managing Director of The Radical Buffoons and ensemble member of Goat in the Road Productions, two companies who allow her to explore the various facets of her creative identity. She likes comic books, genre fiction, and dogs. You can generally find her on social media ranting about superheroes or posting photos of cross-stitches.

Torey Hayward.jpg

Torey Hayward

Contributing Writer

Torey Hayward  is originally from Alexandria, LA. He has enjoyed work as an actor, scenic designer, and dramaturg with The NOLA Project, Tennessee Williams Theater Company, & Southern Rep, as well as working as an actor & director with The Radical Buffoons. He studied physical acting at the Accademia dell'Arte in Arrezzo, Italy, holds a BA in Theater Arts from Hendrix College, and an MS in Education from Johns Hopkins. He currently works as the Academic Dean at Young Audiences Charter High School and the Associate Artistic Director of The Radical Buffoons.

Nathan Norris

Nathan Norris

Contributing Writer

He has been working at Le Petit as technical staff and a house manager, but is eager to re-embrace directing. Previously, he directed in a black box theatre in California and enjoyed the collaborative efforts of a variety of artists, who, as a team, produced a complex show. A technical background allows him to incorporate many aspects of design into a core vision. Looking forward, he is interested in new and local works with strong community connections. Nathan’s excited about this opportunity to collaborate with artists in the area, and especially to challenge himself to develop new skills and tools in a fresh, creative environment.


Bradley Warshauer

Editor and Contributor

Bradley Warshauer is a fiction writer and essayist from New Orleans. For some reason, when he goes down to the sno-ball stand, he usually orders his second- or third-favorite flavor.


Kayln Hepting

Contributing Writer

Kayln has been working as a stage manager around New Orleans for almost a decade. She has a degree in Film & Theatre from the University of New Orleans. Stage management is her passion but she prides herself on being a multi-disciplined artist, having dabbled in play-writing, scenic painting, props design, sound design, singing, acting, and stage combat...and sometimes writing. Also, she has produced several shows and cabarets with her own production company over the past 5 years. She couldn't have done any of it without her theatre family and support system <3


Amelia Parenteau

Contributing Writer

Amelia Parenteau is a writer, translator, and theater maker based in New Orleans. An alumna of Sarah Lawrence College, she has worked with TCG, Ping Chong + Company, The Lark, The Civilians, the French Institute Alliance Française, Voyage Theater Company, and The Park Avenue Armory in New York; People's Light in Pennsylvania; and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut. She is a member of the FENCE International Translation Network, and she has been published in American Theatre Magazine, Asymptote Literary Magazine, Contemporary Theatre Review, Culturebot, HowlRound, and Stain’d. 

Cara Rominak

Cara Romanik

Contributing Writer

Writer, Producer, and Performer in New Orleans.

Steph Garrison

Stephanie Garrison

Contributing Writer

Stephanie Garrison is a playwright and essayist originally from New York (the State, not the city). Her superpower is being able to identify the season and episode number of Supernatural based on classic rock songs.

Rudy San Miguel New Orleans Playwright

Rudy San Miguel

Contributing Writer

Rudy San Miguel found himself in New Orleans by accident when, on a chilly Midwestern morning, a recruiting government agent asked him to what major city he'd like to move. He responded, "Somewhere warm." So he gave his brain to federal investigation but his heart--and free time--belonged to theater. He's been on stage improvising rap battles and fighting alien cheerleaders; cast as Santa's snarky elf and miscast as a cantankerous hemorrhoid-riddled producer; spent a few years in New York trying to master writing under writing masters; and made lifelong connections in New Orleans with some of the most talented artists anywhere. He daydreams of a writing job that pays the bills and allows him to nap every day, and it makes him giddy when other artists e-mail to meet for coffee and discuss projects past, present, and future.

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